HELKRA Ltd. designs and manufactures heating elements for air cooling or heating equipment. We are able to make ribbed heating elements not only for one type of ventilation, but also units, humidifiers water needed for electric heating. Thanks to the ribs the heating surface increases, so needed in this type of application, because it lowers the length of the heating element while reducing the load area for the benefit of heat exchange.

Our products are certified to UL, ULc and DEMKO+


We will design heating elements customized for your product.

Our heating elements and heating systems are used to heat different fluids. Therefore, we have to choose from a wide range of materials such as AISI 304 / 1.4301 - AISI 321 / 1.4541 - AISI 309 / 1.4828 - AISI 316 / 1.4401 - Incoloy 800 / 1.4876 - Incoloy 825 / 2.4858, titanium, copper, aluminum and carbon steels. To choose the right material, it is important to take into consideration the environment and the operating temperature of the heating element. Thanks to the experience of our technical department and the latest design technologies in cooperation with our clientele, we create products perfectly matched to each application, providing the highest quality of products and services using the latest equipment.

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